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Environmentalism Links
May 10, 2010, 6:44 pm
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APUA: Environmental Impact of Antibiotics

CU Environmental Center

The Basics –

Oxygen and Air Pollution

Pollution Effects

What pollutes our air?

Natural Household Cleaners for Non-toxic Home Cleaning

Organic Weed Control: How to Kill Weeds Without Harmful Chemicals | North Coast Gardening

Bottled Water’s Shocking Impacts and the Growing Opposition | Water | AlterNet

Recycling Symbols on Plastics – What Do Recycling Codes on Plastics Mean –

Quick Saving Tip: Shorter Showers | Pays to Live Green

How to Recycle Anything | Real Simple

Does Recycling Really Make a Difference


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This is a link to an interview with David Holmgren, the co-founder of permaculture. He discusses the huge enviromental issue that may be getting swept under the rug – peak oil supply. He also challanges the “green revolution” stating that instead of finding more efficient ways to prolong a materialistic growth culture, we could also cut out the use of resources for things we do not need. Check it out if you wish, he’s full of good info.

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