The Truth Unmasked

Issue N0.1: Environment Zine Download
May 5, 2010, 11:08 am
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Environment Zine Inside Info: Print 1st

Environment Zine Outside: Print 2nd

Depending on the printer you own you may have to experiment to learn to print on both sides with proper text layout. The bottom of “Environment Zine Outside” should have the headings of the “Inside Zine” correct if when you flip the “Outside zine” vertical the text on the other side is readable without having to turn the page upside down.


To print: Click the image you would like to print. Once it loads click File –> Print (Ctrl + P). Once the dialog box appears click properties, which should be next to the printer selected. Another dialog box will appear. There will be tabs near the top of the box, click the Page Setup tab, then check the box that says Borderless Printing. It is most likely under page layout in the page setup tab. The tabs with vary depending upon your printer, however there will always be the Borderless Printing option within the properties of your printer.